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​BodyTalk is a whole healthcare system which connects you to the body's ability to heal naturally with help from your BodyTalk practitioner.

It is non-invasive and factors the profound influence that psychology has on health. Instead of just looking at  symptoms, BodyTalk finds and addresses the root causes of each symptom with a holistic view of each individual.

Get back that constant energy, drive and motivation for life with our BodyTalk system and be at your peak physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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Lina Scott BodyTalk
Lina Scott BodyTalk

Lina Scott BodyTalk
Lina Scott BodyTalk


"A healthy body and mind is what will carry you through life with ease. It is the bridge between you and your best self", says Lina Scott. Lina, with a background in theta healing is a licensed BodyTalk practitioner with her business, BodyTalk Connects in Perth.  She is also a reiki master with a Certificate IV in Health & Management. Lina is also  constantly learning about healing with herbs, oils and sounds. She integrates her extensive knowledge to deliver a one-of-a-kind healing experience, going beyond symptomatic treatments. She facilitates more permanent release by understanding core issues and delivering healing sessions unique to each person.

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