About BodyTalk

Why Choose BodyTalk to Heal?


BodyTalk is a whole healthcare system which connects you to the body's ability to heal naturally with help from your BodyTalk practitioner. It is non-invasive and factors the profound influence that psychology has on health.

Instead of just looking at  symptoms, BodyTalk finds and addresses the root cause of each symptom with a holistic view of an individual so that you can be at your peak physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


It respects the body's own needs and determines your body's priorities for healing whilst boosting your ability for self healing. Practitioners of the method are known as BodyTalkers. They refocus your body's natural healing response to establish better communication within the body to give you back the ease to live life healthily, happily and with full of vitality.


It can help you to,

Manage insomnia / Heal chronic pain / Improve your mood / Help you relax more / Feel more energised

Help with depression / Release aches and pains / Release stress and anxiety / Improve your relationships / Have a clearer and calmer mind / Regain your zest and motivation / Remove psychological baggage from the past / Reprogram belief systems for positive change

What is Body Talk?

BodyTalk is a holistic healthcare modality that was designed to factor in the mental, emotional, physical, and environmental influences of a person. These factors give the practitioner a better representation of the underlying root cause of conditions. Then the BodyTalker uses various techniques like muscle testing, tapping, breath work and stimulating surface energy points to promote overall bodily function. These techniques are also used to activate the brain to reprogram limiting beliefs and self restricting behaviour as well as release emotional baggage to bring about positive change.


There has been much science around the body mind connection which proves that our thoughts, beliefs , emotions, attitudes, values and past mind conditioning can affect how healthy we are. These factors can affect how we function biologically because our bodies store stress, trauma and even emotional injury. BodyTalk allows practitioners to understand the Body-Mind relationship to discover root causes to physical pain and emotional blockages. Clients have found emotional release, boosts in their immune system, improvements in moods, release from chronic fatigue or pain, and many other benefits from BodyTalk sessions.

How Will A Session Look Like?

During the BodyTalk process, the BodyTalker will ask you verbal questions to gather preliminary information about yourself and your specific needs. Then the practitioner will use muscle testing techniques to gather more substantial information from your body's responses from the muscle testing. This will allow the BodyTalker to organise and prioritise what an individual person's needs are. Everyone's session will be customised according to what the individual needs.

Once the practitioner has assessed the needs, he or she will proceed to use techniques like tapping on the head, sternum and chest to send specific signals to the body and the brain. The BodyTalker may ask you questions again during this time and repeat the tapping process with a new set of instructions to reprogram the brain and heal the body. BodyTalk sessions are safe, non-invasive and gentle. The practitioner will ensure that client will be relaxed throughout the whole process. The sessions are guided by your muscle's responses and can usually take around 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

Every system, cell and atom of your body is in constant communication with each other.